With its Global HQ in USA, CEMS-Global carries out its activities from CEMS USA based in New York, its own operated offices –CEMS China, CEMS India, CEMS Lanka, CEMS Bangladesh, CEMS-Global Asia Pacific Singapore, CEMS Indonesia  and over 10 representative offices around the world. CEMS-Global organizes over 40 exhibitions per annum on all important sectors of the trade & economy in Asia and South America and has a commendable presence as one of the leading Multinational Exhibition Organizer of the world. 

The world is looking at Alliances and Joint-ventures to tap onto further expanding the businesses.
With our growing Global presence across 3 continents and activities, we at CEMS-Global, welcome Partnerships / Alliances / Joint-Ventures from Exhibition Organizers, Agencies or Associations. We also welcome Investments from Companies / Individuals.

If you may have a business proposal, please write to our Group CEO  Mr. S. S. Sarwar at ssarwar@cemsonline.com

We also welcome Exhibition Agencies to represent us in any Country as our Associate / Partner. Please write to `Manager – International Coordination’ at  cems@cemsonline.com

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