CEMS-GLOBAL’ s  3  International Exhibitions for the Textile & Garment sector of Sri Lanka from 9th  March to 11th  March 2017 at SLECC,Colombo-Sri Lanka.

CEMS-Global USA, Multinational Exhibition Organizer which launched its operations in Sri Lanka in year `2009’ as `CEMS Lanka’ is pleased to present once again 3 comprehensive International Exhibitions focused to the entire Textile & Garment sector of Sri Lanka in names of : `8th Textech Sri Lanka 2017 International Expo’ – An International Exhibition on Textile Garment Technology & Machinery along with concurrent exhibitions – `26th Dye+Chem Sri Lanka 2017 Int’l Expo’ – An Int’l Exhibition on Dyes and Fine & Specialty Chemicals and `8th Colombo Int’l Yarn & Fabric Show 2017’, from 9th  ~ 11th  March, 2017 at Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre (SLECC), Colombo.

CEMS-Global launched its most important International Trade Exhibitions for the Trade & Industry of Sri Lanka with a vision to further expand into the fast booming Sri Lankan Industry sector and bringing most reputed International Manufacturers and Suppliers through its Exhibitions to Sri Lanka.

The Textech, Dye+Chem and Yarn & Fabric are CEMS-Global’s International series of Exhibitions which are held in the same name in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil and Indonesia with Dye+Chem & Yarn & Fabric Series being held in 6 countries in addition to the above countries i.e. India & Singapore.

Since its inception in 1992, CEMS-Global, celebrating 25 year of celebration this year made commendable presence as a Multinational Exhibition Organizer in South & South-East Asia & South America with its operations in 7 countries. CEMS organizes over 40 exhibitions per annum on all important sectors of the trade and economy. With its Global HQ in USA with  its own operated offices in other countries – CEMS Lanka, CEMS-Global Asia-Pacific Singapore, CEMS Bangladesh, CEMS Brazil, CEMS India, CEMS Indonesia along with 10 Associate Offices around the World.

The `26th Dye+Chem Sri Lanka 2017 Int’l Expo’ is targeted not only to the Textile & Apparel sector but also to the entire Manufacturing sector of Sri Lanka.

The Textile & Apparel Industry of South Asia has the Key position in the export sector. Keeping in mind the potential of this sector and to further boost the exports, CEMS-Global has been organizing the Textech series of Exhibitions since 17 years and brought this International branded exhibition to Sri Lanka as there is a need for such exhibition in Sri Lanka which displays the latest technology that the country can obtain to update with the quality of the competitors in the world Market.